Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Open House...

'A house pit aberto'No heart of Itaim Bibi in Sao Paulo, an apartment draws attention not only by the amplitude, but also provide a sense of infinity, something rare in a city so polluted visually. The light was a constant of the requirements of the couple Alexander and Johanna Stein Birman - he, entrepreneur and designer shoes, her fine arts student at FAAP - for the building of 600 sqm with city views. "I wanted a house with many windows, airy, well-lit," says the owner.
The view acts as an extension of home. "It looks like a flat open. Being a high floor, not seen so much of the gray buildings. I made sure that the interior had a shade of blue, as a breather, to create a sense of infinity, "says Johanna, after eight months of her first pregnancy. Blue predominates in environments, even gently. There are touches of color on screen Sandra Belt, the photos of Michael Wesley, carpets, sofas in the 1950s and in the table and dining chairs.