Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dwelling rural treasure design ..

In eastern Spain, masía is the name that is given to rural households centennial in general of great proportions, and inhabited by the richest families of farmers. Legend has it that many treasures hidden in its walls. In the case of Catalan residence, but the treasure is in plain sight: a rich collection of designer furniture and works of art.
This is the home of gallery owners and Sendino barcelonenses Luis Jacobo Valentí, who decided to restore a 18th century masía in the region of Bajo Ampurdán. The original architecture, with arches and wooden beams apparent, serves as the ideal backdrop for the colorful furniture. Starting with the living, where the original chairs by Marcel Breuer and Jean Prouvé live side by side with the living room furniture such as table Friso Kramer, chair and Eames cabinets Swedish timber stock also of the 18th century.

Those arriving at the residence, moreover, soon faces in the lobby with another object of this era: an Italian crystal pendant lamp, on the double chair Jour et Nuit, the Garouste and Bonetti, and small table with three feet of George Nakashima . In the same environment is unmistakable S chair by Tom Dixon.
Even in the kitchen, the design appears in this case on a sideboard 19th century French, Swedish and chair of the 18, along with a bar of iron Matégot Mathieu, with geometry typical of the 1940s. In one of the rooms, who steals the show is the pair of Jean Prouvé beds. And on the porch, on the collection of furniture from different centuries, crown the residence an iron foundry founded by Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed the most famous tower in Paris.