Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home where Michael Jackson died is on sale..

The mansion where Michael Jackson died almost three years ago in Los Angeles was put back up for sale. The residence has entered and exited the housing market with some frequency since the singer's death in June 2009. Shortly after the fatality, the requested value was $ 38 million.
Michael lived in the House since the beginning of 2008, paying a rent of more than $ 100,000 dollars to the owners, the couple Hubert and Roxanne Guez. Last December, most of the furniture of the House was sold in an auction, yielding $ 700,000 to the family of Michael.

Designed by Californian architect Richard Landry, the House was built in 2002, on a plot of 5,000 m². With film, Elevator, gym and spa, the residence has 7 suites and a total of 13 bathrooms.

The last time the House was available in the real estate market was during the summer, perhaps in mid-2011, when it asked for $ 23.5 million for the property. Now, the requested value is $ 23.9 million – a tiny bit taller.