Saturday, March 17, 2012

Madrid Apartment from Casa Vogue..

Like most former European apartments, this characteristic of a Madrid-based coverage had almost exaggerated, with several vaulting environments, some even without natural ventilation or lighting. To acquire the property, the spouses of residents called Juan Manzanaro to perform a complete renovation, which began in the modernization of the plant, and culminated in a décor beyond eclectic.

After you delete all pre-existing walls, the architect ordered new and spacious spaces organized around an open central courtyard. Even the closet came into the game. Bathroom and kitchen were redesigned in such a way as to give priority to practicality, and the area gained dormitories.

The decoration of furniture merges different styles and epochs, within environments with sober furnishings, between beige and gray. Wallpapers also attend as scenario, warming the atmosphere marked by cold floor. In the main hall, the biombo 18 century makes the times of work of art, near the eye-shaped masterpiece contemporary Le Teimon, by American artist Man Ray.

In the Office, the desk – 18 century also steals the scene, being – complemented by Arco floor lamp, brothers Castiglioni. Already at the dinner, the Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck chairs give a lightweight aspect to the composition. Contemporary furniture, incidentally, are present in all environments, always with the goal of bringing warmth to the whole load of references.