Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiev, apartment complex Chayka by Sergey Makhno..

The most rewarding thing for a designer is - to make home for himself. What you will create, there you will live. Without censorship.
Sergei Makhno had left the workshop,  where he both lived and worked (see Archidea, September 2009), and with his wife Vlada, for cases exclusively creative, moved here, in his new "Parisian" apartment. The apartment, actually, is in Kiev - but only geographically. Light negligence with which paintings are placed – hung, a bold combination of colors, the French panels, and uncovered artistry in the pseudo-classic’s entourage - immediately evoke images of the bohemian studios of Latin Quarter. However, to break stereotypes - is Makhno style. It is time to discard all complex and simply accept - in Ukraine we can do even more interesting and brighter design. Playing with textures, materials and color in his projects, Sergei constantly breaks the rules – he can put parquetry on the walls, or make «Tetris» game on the ceiling, from ordinary fluorescent lamps.
For his own apartment, he used double ideas. Almost all the furniture, lighting and accessories – are author’s: wire lights, wrapped in colored threads, a dining table in the living room, in the spirit of constructivist irony of Grcic, commode for the equipment with traditional Ukrainian pattern (by the way, this is one of the items from big "Ukrainian" series, which Sergey invented a few years ago and which still exists only in 3D-version); kitchen; bedroom with author’s bas-relief on the wall near the head. From the trunk of old aspen, which the guys have found 300 km near Kiev, they made a coffee table and bedside tables - a fallen tree was taken, polished and cut up on the usual "stipe." Love to old things, bought at a flea market, or even - picked up on the garbage, is fully disclosed, of course, in the workshop, where are left almost all collections - of glass, ceramics, old suitcases, gramophones, etchings, crocks, pictures, Soviet toys , scissors, and towels with national ornaments. But in the new flat were found a few places for relics - antique sewing machine "Astrakhanka" turned into a table for keys and small things in the hallway, also here partially were moved a collection of plastic arts. As Segei isn’t indifferent to the work of his colleagues, in his new house he ordered a pair of  cult objects such as: in the living room – old chairs Ghost in the living room, floor and table lamps in the bedroom - by Karim Rashid.
To  mix everything and not be afraid to play and experiment – is the recipe of a good interior from Makhno. For himself, it worked flawlessly too.