Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Medieval arch arises in Catalan reform...from Casa Vogue..

When the Italian architect Benedetta Tagliabue moved to Barcelona in early 1990, he immediately by the Gothic quarter. At that time, the area that is considered the heart of the city was still a popular stronghold, somewhat deteriorated. Wife and partner of fellow architect Enric Miralles (1955-2000), she decided that she would live there.

When found this coverage in a 18 century building, had to make sure that that was the place. The couple then acquired the apartment and started a work of real archaeology, which culminated in the discovery of the original wall paintings, and a spectacular arc built long before the building, in a period which is presumed to be the middle ages.


From there, conducted a project of Interior design contemporary, but constantly absolutely dialogue with elements found. Modern furniture, such as chairs Eames and the Butterfly, do a counterpoint with the freshness that penetrates the inner courtyard, where you will key environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

The highlight is the room used as a work area and library. In addition to the massive wood table – material that is present in most spaces-the Bookshelf project, having deserved a customized including a ladder access that preserves the view of the original strokes from the wall.

Of the many reminders that the husband's guard Office of Benedetta, now deceased, she has a special appreciation for the set of fixtures designed by Louis Poulsen. Like other objects and details of residence, they were chosen personally by Miralles, one of Spain's most prestigious contemporary architects.