Friday, July 19, 2019

Nature Thrives in Tehran’s Abandoned Courtyards, Staircases, and Bedrooms in a Photo Series by Gohar Dashti

Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti was born in Ahwaz during the early years of the Islamic Revolution and grew up during the Iran-Iraq war. Her personal memories of this time influenced her 2017 series Home, which looks at what happens after human displacement. In the photographs, large abandoned spaces are filled with plentiful plants, fleshing out the spaces with lush growth that highlights the absence of human life. “[The] people in Homemoved out, and the images show what happens when one’s home is left behind,” she explains in her artist statement. “The photographs reveal the power of nature to consume and conquer a home.”

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Realistic Ceramic Sculptures of Decadent Desserts Examine Our Culturally Complex Relationship With Food

This summer in Limoges, France, the Fondation Bernardaud presents a feast of cakes, pies, ice cream, and other life-like treats made by a group of 14 ceramic sculptors from around the world. Titled Céramiques Gourmandes and curated by Olivier Castaing, the exhibition explores the sometimes unsavory topics of mass consumption, desire, and cultural identity.

You've Got to See the Colorful Ways This Home Uses Art.. How do you make room for an extraordinary art collection a buzzing family of four? One brave New York City designer went big.

We return to the XIX century in a house in MADRID.. In the Madrid of the Austrias, a couple found this house of the XIX in which time had stopped. They respected it to the fullest, filling it with contemporaneous furniture and works of art.

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