Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Semi-underground house in England..The history of the construction of houses dug into the ground lost in the dark ages. Once the need for such facilities was due to low prices, and they retain heat better than their terrestrial counterparts. Now at the mention of the dugouts (what, in fact, are those objects) in the head of a lab-drawn house, damp and gloomy. But modern architecture completely destroys the stereotypes. Holmwood House in the Chiltern Hills - the best evidence.Lady Helen Hamlyn had lived with her husband, publisher Paul Hamlyn, in the house of the XVII century. Sated old days, they wanted to buy land closer to London and build a modern housing. In 2001, Paul Hamlyn died, but his wife decided to follow through.Helen took up the development of the project, together with the architect Robin Partington . With him she was familiar, even when he was working for Norman Foster.