Monday, December 26, 2011

Life At Joyo...

Down in the seas of Indonesia is a tropical piece of earth called Pulau Joyo that has sat deserted for years; until recently when four driftwood palaces, originally built for the private residence of a shipping mogul, were transformed into the new Pulau Joyo Resort. The driftwood huts are designed to exude the charm of a luxurious castaway fantasy expedition where you enjoy your tropical getaway in fine linens, Louis Vuitton furniture, and benches hand crafted from local woods.Pulau Joyo is privately operated by a local team who is responsible for the interior design of the stylish huts! They truly cares about the island and everything they bring on to it. The team “tries to create something unique, something that reflects our love for Indonesia and for the environment,” they said. “Central to our vision is respect for the environment and the people, and we believe private operators such as ourselves have an important role to play in the preservation of this part of the world.”
Two of the palaces are called Java Rembang and Java Juwana and are traditional Java joglos which have been dismantled and re-assembled on the island. “They are beautifully furnished in the Javanese style with an ensuite bathroom and shower and open straight onto your private beach.” Each of these massive bungalows are just steps away from a luxurious spa and kitchen, where fine chefs prepare 3 course meals and pair it with wines of perfection.