Monday, December 26, 2011

Architecture Surrounding the Sky

   While we've all experienced photography that makes us feel dizzy, it's usually when the subjects' feet aren't firmly planted on the ground. Precariously dangling on the edge of buildings or outside helicopters, these daredevils show us just how far they're willing to go to get that incredible shot.
Stefano (or Nespyxel on Flickr) gives us that same woozy feeling but his photos are taken as he looks up, past the architecture that surrounds him. Though we're not completely sure if these are photo manipulations or just well positioned shots, we can appreciate the new perspective his photos provide. Taken in just the right spot, these pictures make us see the world in a completely different way. Buildings look as if they're converging together to create stunning geometric shapes that we normally wouldn't know of or appreciate unless we changed the way we thought.
Like the Dark Knight Rises poster, these photos show us that it's often in the "negative space," or where our eyes don't immediately look, that life's answers can be found.