Monday, December 26, 2011


   Nestled tightly into stunning natural landscapes and pushed right up against Lake Como sits Casta Diva Resort. Casta Diva is a newly renovated hotel designed by interior designer Erasmo Figini, which recently opened its doors to posh travelers who are in search for a romantic Italian get away. This fine excuse for a vacation gives it’s visitors a chance to relax in the midst of the 18th century architecture of the building while enjoying the neo-traditional interior design elements like original scrolled moldings mixed with bold punches of colors and a redefined modern spa.The recently renovated estate was once a destination of aristocrats looking for fairy-tale landscapes. Beloved composer Vincenzo Bellini once stayed at the villa long ago, he was so enchanted with the scenery that he was inspirited to write his greatest well known works, “Norma” and “La Sonnambula” upon the estate grounds.