Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gitane by Mr. Important in San Francisco

From the creators of Vanity club in Las Vegas comes a unique experience in the heart of San Francisco, Gitane. Mr. Important, the San Francisco based Interior Design firm specializing in creating indelible restaurant, nightclub, retail and nightlife experiences delights us with a take on history, art, language and diverse experiences from the gypsy culture.The word Gypsy derives from Egyptian, similarly to the Spanish Gitano or the French Gitan. It was a name given to those who came from a far away land as nomads or to describe someone as exotic. To be gypsy is to be a member of an ethnic minority that is difficult to define. This patchwork of groups can be best described and identified by attitudes, behaviors and culture. Whether the origins are believed to have come from Asia or Africa, they all possess a sense of exoticism, mysticism and diversity.This mixture of elements and regions was the concept behind the Gitane restaurant in San Francisco. Appropriately located on city street off the beaten path, its eclectic and unorthodox presence accentuate its arrival. Designed by Mr. Important, Gitane surely delivers the story of three decades through an extensive palette of color, textures and objects that narrate the complexity of the gypsy culture, music and gastronomic composition.Mr. Important clearly begins the Gitane experience on the exterior; unfolding clues to what may lie inside, the side lollypop neon sign displays a layering of funky presence to its identity. The restaurant's facade sets up the artistic experience you are about to experience. Architecturally, Gitane opens up into an exploration of the Basque region, drawing inspiration to a carefully crafted menu capturing three separate decades - the 50's, 60's and 70's. Drawing from Gypsies historical accounts, the interior layers an array of intricate fabrics, hand printed wallpapers, vintage chandeliers and antique artifacts.Mr. Important carefully constructs an "ordered" chaos atmosphere that touches upon a more nostalgic and romantic era rather than rebellious behavior as Gypsies are perceived; this passion and intensity to the gypsy culture is evident in many different ways, perhaps to speak of the diversity of this migratory groups and the collection of art and objects from all over the world in order to compose this funky, modern and richly flavorful atmosphere.