Monday, April 8, 2013

Yusupov Palace in Greater Kharitonievsky lane .. As befits a Gothic castle from the nightmare began the history of the Yusupov blood. According to legend, in its place stood in XVI century house, in which Ivan the Terrible during the rest of falconry, tortured prisoners and indulged in self-flagellation. Hence the cost is around Moscow network of underground tunnels, which allowed the king to appear in different parts of the city, bringing terror to the subjects. This legend tells in his memoirs last Felix - Felix (junior): "At the end of the last century, my parents upgraded house and found the same underpass. Going down there, they saw a long corridor and skeletons chained to the walls. As a child, I thought that the souls of martyred live around here, and always afraid to meet with a ghost. "Felix says about life in Moscow house with a mixture of delight and horror. Vaulted halls with paintings, dark passages, thick carpets, damp steps - all in the child's imagination was formed in the picture alluring and frightening. But what I saw and knew the young Yusupov Palace, had little relation to the time of the king-murderer.