Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SEA FISHING VILLAGE IN VALUE Rubens once gushed from Genoa's Strada Nuova as the most beautiful street in the world. And also a Hamburg music and book publishers with a great affinity to the Italian lifestyle succumbed to the charm of the city. Especially Boccadasse not let him go. The neighborhood in the east of Genoa has retained the charm of a fishing village. The entrepreneur found his dream apartment in a 200 year old house on Cape Santa Chiara: a stunning sea view, but in poor condition. The previous owner had died, the heirs had not renovated, and while the rooms were empty for years, moisture had crept into walls and ceilings, and had damaged the frescoes from the period around 1800. Who today strolling through the clear housing and experienced many details, naturally comes together old and new, may overlook everything that had to be changed for it. Between dining room and kitchen an entire wall disappeared, ceiling frescoes were restored and newly laid floors. Gradually changed the apartment whose interior is now dedicated to the lake (ride), with periscopes, ship models and nautical paintings on the walls. Only at the facade of the Conservators of Genoa did not play so far: the extension of the window is to the bottom of yet, so you can also sitting and lying facing the sea. "Larger windows would also architecturally meaningful. They would restore the original proportions, "argues the owner. "Before the house in the early 20th Century received an additional floor, this was the Piano Nobile and had larger windows than the upper floors. "