Thursday, April 11, 2013

Villa Gustav Klimt .. The recognition came only after starvation - the story is not about Gustav Klimt. He was a poor student youth (he studied at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts), but after graduation everything just got better. In 1880 was built up in full parade Vienna Ringstrasse, and the artist painted booked for the Museum of Fine Arts and other public buildings sosedstvu.V 1888, Emperor Franz Joseph was awarded a medal for the Klimt paintings in the interior of the Burgtheater, and from that moment the professional life of the painter ran smoothly. Customers were many, he had the opportunity to choose. And choose carefully. He liked to paint beautiful women of fashion. Not because of their portraits were paid well (although that, too). Klimt was just crazy about women: it happens all the secrets, but a whirlwind romance. Biographers estimate that the artist had at least fourteen children, and at least three of his sons was named Gustavo. However, none of the numerous mistresses Klimt's not meant so much in the life of the artist, as Emilia FLEG, "Lady of the Lake Attersee," who lived on its shores in the Villa Paulick..