Friday, April 12, 2013

Loft in London .. The former actor-turned-developer of long Hosh Ibrahim was looking for a perfect accommodation. He was even willing to buy a plot of land and build a house from scratch, while in London's Little Venice came across a former carriage house, which was put up for sale. Its last owner was a company Partridge Fine Arts with its own restoration requirements masterskimi.Osnovnymi Khosh to a new habitat was "comfort and modernity." But this is only the beginning. Yet he needed "a cozy look, decorated in the best British tradition, as well as a large open space where he can easily accommodate any number of guests." And all this should spice up "architectural techniques in the spirit of John Lautner." And so it turned out that getting into the house, if you find yourself in a strange reality where things are mixed modern and classic furniture, and facilitiest different levels and flow into each other. Although not a very hot English su are ammer, the boss also insisted that all doors and windows to the courtyard opened wide open, connecting the two spaces.