Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flat of collector in Paris .. To move closer to the work of Pierre Passbon going for a long time. His Galerie du Passage settled at 20-26 Vero Doda almost twenty years ago and contributed a lot to the revival of this legendary arcade. Built in the 1826th, he was incredibly fashionable at first, but in the time of the Second Empire fashion boutiques have started to move out and the passage was empty. In 1997 the street was restored and there again reached a secular audience, attracted by the first Opening Day Passbona, who exhibited photographs by David Lynch, a collection of Karl Lagerfeld, etc. "After closing the gallery and my friends went to a nearby bistro - says Pierre. - And every time I thought it would be convenient to have the apartment next door and take the guests themselves. "Recently, his dream came true - an apartment was found in a beautiful neo-classical house built by Vero and Doda on a nearby street with arcades.