Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A house with a sculpture park in the suburbs .. Artworks require an appropriate environment: unobtrusive interiors and plain walls. But if the space is large and welcoming accommodations for families of any rules of the question mozhet.Zakazchik had a wish list to the house of their dreams: in the area of ​​fifteen acres would grow the building with the concert hall, billiard room, spa, winter garden , a huge aquarium, the guest and the host zonami.V each room had to "stand up" for a work of art from its vast collection. How, for example, outdoor sculpture by Henry Mura.Krome that he did not want to feel at home, as in a fortress of transparency, openness, and a large number of inputs and outputs are essential. In announcing the whole list, he gave the architects the freedom to implement the tasks. "The work for us was a kind of experiment, the game" - says project architect Oleg Boreyko. The project, for which the architects have spent five years in the same eclectic, as the owner's art collection.