Sunday, January 20, 2013

Villa in Art Nouveau ... In 1908, the owner of the house Champagne Pommery in Reims built villa in Art Nouveau style. One hundred years later, restored it to the heirs of all the rules. The villa, which now bears the wake of Vranken Champagne brand name Demuazel was the result of collective creativity of the customer, architect and decorator. Money and ambitious idea - to build a house that would have united decorative delights of Art Nouveau, and the wonders of the then progress - gave Henry Vasnev known collector and philanthropist, who led early in the century house Champagne Pommery. Responsible for the architecture of his friend Louis Sorel - they became friends on the basis of the discussion of what should be a "new style" of French art. For interiors - another member of the warm art of Tony Selmershen.