Monday, November 4, 2013

Children's portrait neckline and nude ages 17th and 19th century.. Looking at old portraits of young children, we are struck, as they wore traditional dress. But at that time under the laws of the portrait genre for formal portrait depicting children as adults and dressed just like adults, giving the cast their adult forms. Especially big surprise neck, down to the nipples, breasts even though there is no trace. seems to us that it's too sexy by today's standards, when the West even require little girls to dress in swimwear with a horse. But so were the tradition, children were taught from childhood to the corset, without his habit of constantly wearing just impossible. And girls immediately raised as little women. course, at certain times, especially under Louis the 15th that the family could very young girl and offer a mistress for money or position. But here the portraits of the children of royalty and the aristocracy.