Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Villa at Cape of Good Hope .. The main reason for the French photographer Jean-Marc Lederman bought a villa near the town of Llandudno on the Cape of Good Hope, had fabulous views, the views from the windows. "They are breathtaking, but the rest of the building was boring: a standard two-storey box of bricks" - says Lederman. The new owner immediately decided that the villa you need to change, to give it the scale and scope - Lederman has long dreamed of living in a house that would resemble the style of Frank Lloyd creation Rayta.Prezhde you begin to repair Lederman had lived in the house for a year, learning how to the light changes during the day, and depending on the season. "I needed to get a feel for what this place is, and then redo something," - he says. The first step was the architectural transformation: basement Lederman turned into a photographic studio on the top did a spacious terrace with a swimming pool, has attached garage.