Saturday, June 22, 2013

The house on the island of Li Galli .. The fact that the first hosts of the islands long before the Russian dancers were sirens, we are informed by the geographer Strabo. Insidious hunter on travelers, almost deprived the winding path Penelope was returning home from the war, her husband lived on three rocks near the Apennine peninsula. For many centuries the archipelago known as the "island of the Sirens," and only the warlike Saracens were not afraid to stick to these shores. By the early twentieth century, the legend had forgotten the name was transformed to Li Galli, and not very suitable for living and bathing the island ceased to anyone interested. So far in 1917 in Positano, the closest to the city on the coast of the archipelago, has not arrived dancer Leonid Massine. Among Diaghilev he toured Italy with his ballet "Parade" (music by Erik Satie, libretto by Jean Cocteau) and willingly accepted the proposal writer Mikhail Semenov and stay with him in Positano. It is from here Massine first saw the rocky ridges of Li Galli. On one of them there was a tower and other signs of human presence. Dancer told legend that were present and sirens, Odysseus, and the Saracens, which further spurred his interest. Upon learning that the islands are empty, he set about trying to buy them. After several years of negotiations with the local authorities, in 1924, the idea was a success..