Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ranch in Connecticut .. They work together for thirty years, and rarely disagree. But hired to expand and to "improve" ranch in Connecticut, William Diamond and Tony Baratta entered into rare for them to confrontation. "I know you will not believe, but Bill just wanted to carry on a plot of all: the house and the trees. Proposed use of dynamite "- laughing Baratta.Klientam such a radical approach did not seem amusing, and fellow designers had to sculpt beauty" of what happened. "Namely - the running of the site and the gloomy house, built in 1930 in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and then converted in the 1970s. The changes were for the worse - single-storey building has got a set of dull-pitched roofs and ridiculous mezzanine. "It looked like a restaurant" Pizza Hut ", who happened to be in the woods" - complains Diamond.