Friday, June 7, 2013

paul segers' stealth pavilion 2013 mimics F-117 nighthawk....referencing the stealth technology of the lockheed martin F-117 nighthawk, dutch artist paul segers has created 'stealth pavilion 2013' at fort ruigenhoek in groenekan, the netherlands. the work is part of for KAAP's exhibition curated by frank koolenat and organized by the storm foundation. the installation's form is modeled after the geometric surfaces calculated by 1970s computers, which allows fighter jets to operate hidden from radio tracking. segers also integrates utopian ideals of freedom and heterotopian concepts of space defined by relationships and awareness. common materials such as wood, and steel are transformed into a low-tech composition of platforms around a fireplace. the aluminum canopy shaped to deflect radar signals, is suspended from adjacent trees indicating the communal meeting place where users can exist undetected.