Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gentle Monster... Luxury area, a large number of interactive devices, Gentle Monster is almost used as a "gallery" approach, to a fashion optical shop more imagination.

Know the South Korean glasses tide brand Gentle Monster, do not have to look at "you from the stars," Jun Ji-hyun, not necessarily GD, Li Yi Feng's loyal. To understand Gentle Monster's brand philosophy, it must go to its magnificent flagship store to find out.
Following Beijing and Hong Kong, Gentle Monster, Shanghai's Huaihai Road, opened its doors in the near future. This flagship space is the tenth brand of global stores, compared to Hong Kong "Platform platform" and Beijing "Secret Neighbors next door between the mysterious" space theme, in the lively Huaihai Road, with large wood, sound, Lighting and metal devices, creating a business district with this piece "out of tune" and "Astrian artist studio."
One into the store, the guests will immediately be left and right two huge atmosphere surrounded by the sound field sculpture. "SOUND WAVE" metal wood device like a time machine, through the center of a bearing, such as dinosaur skeleton shape like a slow and regular swimming up and down, as if you can watch while inhaled into another dimension of space, vision And auditory multi-sensory experience, as if with the most soft part of his heart dialogue. Further exploration, you can find a pile of wood chips, stagnation in the work of a certain moment, has been "empty" to find more inspiration "studio" corner, next to the place "DAYDREAM Daydream "series of sunglasses, this echo can be described as a perfect match. Underneath the staircase on the other side of the floor is a huge stainless steel gear model that interlocks the two adjacent circular independent spaces where Gentle Monster and the HBA are in demand.
The second floor is a new Renaissance scene, the artist with a number of arches and corridors of the design, products and flagship store theme perfect blending, each space has a corresponding theme, in order to express the artisanship and spirit of respect .

Gentle Monster 
Shanghai Huaihai Middle Road 800