Sunday, February 19, 2017

Natural Affinities: Fendi Hosts First Contemporary Art Show in Rome Showcasing Works by Giuseppe Penone ...Photo courtesy of FENDI.

When Benito Mussolini ordered the construction of Rome’s EUR district in the 1930’s to host a World Fair to celebrate his 20 years in power, little did he know that the Second World War would prevent him from materialising his ambitious plan. Meant to become Rome’s new city centre, the EUR is populated by monumental pavilions, each an imposing example of Fascist architecture and what Italian cities may very well have looked like had Mussolini remained in power longer. One of the quarter’s most iconic buildings is the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, also known as the Square Colisseum: conceived as a reinterpretation of the Roman landmark, the Palazzo is lined with six rows of loggias on each side, and its façades are made of travertine marble just as the rest of the buildings around it. Since 2015, the monument has been used as the headquarters of Maison Fendi, with the building’s first floor reserved especially for public exhibitions that showcase craftsmanship and creativity.