Friday, June 27, 2014

Wild DP-100 Vision GT concept hints at what's next for Aston Martin..Of the many manufacturers’ virtual ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ concept cars that have so far emerged, Aston Martin’s new DP-100 is our favourite by far…Created from scratch over six months by an in-house design team led by design director Marek Reichman, the virtual-only DP-100 (Design Prototype 100) is an outlandish yet perfect blend of sheer beauty and immense purpose. Powered by a figurative 800bhp, mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged V12, the car conceals some clever active aerodynamics and boasts a radical and ultra-futuristic shape that encourages you to take a good long look and explore just where those fluid lines end up. As a design statement, it’s nothing short of spectacular.