Wednesday, August 12, 2015

INDUSTRIAL passion.... Housed in a former garage of the twenties next to Paseo de Gracia, El Nacional brings some of the elements that we like: respect for the essence, retraining, modern and light. BY CAROLINA MIRANDA G. PHOTO DR

Built in 1889, first it was a dinner theater, then a dye factory, later a car multiconcesionario before the Civil War, to finally become a garage. Today is one of the largest and interesting dining areas of Spain that we like for many reasons: El Nacional , in Barcelona, ​​it's big huge or, as forbid (2,600 m 2 ), but cozy; but retail industry, retro but modern cuisine of Barcelona but with the entire peninsula ... With a significant respect for the essence of the building, equipment Studio Lazaro Rosa-Violán been treated with love and care the oldest example of industrial architecture preserved in the Eixample. And the result is, at best, captivating, those to which you return and increasingly appreciate something new.
"The project has been designed with the utmost respect to existing elements, the environment and history of the place," according to the authors of this megarestaurante where you can feed while more than 700 people, divided into eight culinary spaces (four spaces and four bars) who want to "reflect the social and cultural life of Barcelona". And even if it is divided into distinct areas, "from the architectural point of view it has always been thought of as a unit with a common aesthetic, but allowing each space to develop its particular character and personality."