Thursday, August 20, 2015

EARLY Cave... In an Ibizan house over 400 years, two New Yorkers turned-hermit living happily with whitewashed stone walls and beams twisted junipers. BY PATRICIA KETELSEN BETHLEHEM PHOTOS IMAZ

"This is my great treasure: to live here with his ear to nature".. He says one New Yorker who lives in a house more than 400 years north of Ibiza Pietro Cuevas and her husband David Swayne left the United States for more than 15 years to settle in Barcelona and, by chance, spent a night in which is now his home. "I remember walking for the first time and feel its century peace. It was love at first sight, I knew I had to finish here." A decade later they got and the couple moved to this estate surrounded by almond trees, cactus and olive trees. The interior barely touched since the building was protected. Only a new kitchen was installed and repaired and scraped the stone walls. They kept the wonderful ceilings , supported by twisted juniper beams covered seaweed and doors height of just 1.60. "Our purpose was bare space, exposing its simplicity," Pietro said. Of the two volumes that make up the It houses the main kitchen, the living room, a bathroom and three bedrooms, while the other two guest houses. "It is wide without being showy and, despite his age, has a contemporary energy."