Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Designboom sits down with CRN chief interior designer Costanza Pazzi image © designboom...

On the east coast of italy, there is a seaport city named ancona, where a discreetly hidden shipyard fuses hard metals with exotic fabrics to create floating palaces for the seas. since 1963 luxury mega yacht company CRN has been at this shipyard and continues to manufacture fully customized 40 to 90 meter long boats made of large slabs of steel and aluminum. in the almost 80,000 square meter facility, there is an office filled with fabric samples and interior renderings that is home to an outgoing and companionable woman named costanza pazzi. she is the head of interior designs at CRN, and she is known as the dream weaver. well that’s because the word ’no’, is not in her vocabulary when she’s receiving requests from powerful and wealthy owners. she listens, and makes magic happen in a world where industry regulations, budgets, and unforeseeable changes are met at every corner.