Sunday, March 16, 2014

House without electricity in London...The house number 18 on the street Folgeyt time stood still. Near London noise, car noise and ringing cell phones. For massive painted black paint wooden doors is silence - only the clock is ticking. Officially lived here artist Dennis Sievers. According to the version of the Sievers, lived with him for several generations Jervis imaginary family that he came up with a real return of relatives.Sievers was born in 1944 in California, his father owned a garage. Arrived in London in the 1960s - a young artist drew a "special English light." In Spaytafildse, near East End of London, settled in the economy: a house in a slum corner were cheap. Dennis was not alone in choosing where to live - in the neighborhood finds Gilbert and George.Desyatikomnatny house in Georgian style captured the imagination of the young American, and he decided to restore it in the atmosphere of the past. He "settled" in the house of a family by the name of silk merchants Jervis. As conceived by Sievers, Jervis lived there from 1724 to 1914 and left traces throughout their stay. Not only lifeless museum exhibits, and household: the leftovers on the table, scattered clothes and even chamber pots.Sievers thought interior-atmospheric installation make visitors dive into the past, where true is everything: the sounds and colors and smells. He "canceled" in the house all signs of civilization (such as electricity) and declared it an art project, and the feelings of visitors - the canvas on which he Sievers works by creating their illusions.