Sunday, March 9, 2014

For his fourth solo exhibition at Andrea Rosen gallery, New York, canadian artist David Altmejd hypnotizes visitors with large-scale monumental installations stretching across three exhibition spaces. each distinct environment crafted within the room shifts perceptions of matter and time, surface and structure, inside and outside. at the show’s core is ‘the flux and the puddle’ a towering transparent mass, remarkably as fragile as it is weighty; an intricately layered slice of another world that fills the gallery’s first room. seemingly infinite layers of matter are contained within the translucent, reflective and stacked structure, housing various information and media used throughout the artist’s oveure such as werewolves, plaster figures, bird men, heads, smashed mirrored panels, and explosions of resin fruit. altmejd overlaps the figures and frozen compositions into a web of intertwining arrangements, animating the floating forms with a complexity and depth that demands a physical experience from the viewer.