Thursday, January 9, 2014

Using hundreds of collected specimens photographic prints, insect pins, gelatin capsules, glass vials and sequins are just a few American artist Michael Mapes collages intricately detailed reinterpretations of renowned dutch portraits. Deconstructing photos of actual paintings by such masters as Rembrandt and Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy, mapes recreates the original picture piece by piece, using countless collage materials and even biological findings like eyelashes and hair. The painstaking detail is almost unimaginable; tiny fragments carefully positioned on the tops of pins are complied closely next to each other. From close range, the dissected pixels can be discerned for their type and texture, while at a distance, the entire human likeness becomes clear. ’of particular importance, mapes considers, is the inclusion of new photos and materials intended to extend the imagined experience of what is captured in the original portrait to suggest the artist’s consideration and processes.’ three of mapes’ works will be in included in the upcoming march 2014 show ‘face to face’ at the yellowstone art museum, MT.