Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Here is a building with many lives. Its history began in 1847, when it was built in New York. So, it was a residence of 743 m². Shortly afterwards, at the hands of Hugh King, the place has become a big market. The main products offered by the project were imported beverages - whiskeys, wines and brandies. This trade worked until the beginning of World War II. Brands such use are present in the building today. On the facade, the brick that lay behind the signs is lighter, so with some effort you can read there, "Hugh King 1881" and "fine whiskeys and wine." In the 1930s, the building has housed an importing and exporting, as well as a factory type of Spanish sausage - specializing in sobrasada, butifarra and longoniza. The factory also produced Was olives, olive oil and capers. In turn, the importer and exporter offered to the public Spanish sweets, made ​​with Cuban guava products, Canadian codfish, rice and beans. Such developments remained at this address until 1992 when the current owner of the property fell by construction. With the help of her mother, she bought the place.