Sunday, August 4, 2013

The list is long: Royal Opera House in London, Museum of Modern Art, Royal Albert Museum and Monticello. These milestones in the history of Anglo-Saxon architecture made David Linley in a limited collection of humidors and gems in the form of thumbnails this outstanding buildings. Highclere Castle is the latest edition of the collectible. The potential of the Victorian castle seems great week playing there the great dramas of "Downtown Abbey" and five times it can be purchased as a jewelry box. The masonry of expensive etched and lasered in maple wood inlays, as well as turned tails on the roof are composed of 11,000 elements in meticulous handwork. A lined in velours inside offers a stately home for the favorite things. Particularly valuable items can be kept in the secret compartment built under lock and key. Architecture fans and jewelry lovers in this truly patriotic tribute to the history and architecture thus equally at their expense. The next piece of the edition we could then well imagine the rococo Sanssouci Palace. "Highclere Castle" jewel box of David Linley , limited to 5 copies.