Thursday, August 22, 2013

Restaurant and boutique Raff House...In the dictionary Dahl has several definitions for the word "home." With the first - the house as a structure for living - everything is clear and stable: the building build, demolish, re-erect, in general, the process is debugged. But with a different meaning - the house as a family way of life - more difficult. In the age of mobility and rented apartments where one residence to another without regard to changes and its just a pillow, about family values ​​rarely remembered. But the old houses have not disappeared, they are silent reproach, recalling its original purpose family nest, not a transit point.One of these - a mansion on Little Nikita. The story from him, as befits the old Moscow houses, rich. In the XVIII century it was owned by Prince Volkonski collegiate councilor and a Mason. Then he went home to Princess Shakhovskoy that it was nearly lost (all because there is nothing to give his daughter in marriage to a French revolutionary). But it ended well: the princess waited for the death of Empress Catherine, in whose favor hit, and quietly returned to their homeland.