Friday, August 23, 2013

Manor head Hublot.. "In our family, searching for real estate I say - confirms Sandra Beaver. - I found this house, showed photos of her husband and received a flat refusal. But the house I remember. Something made me to call again in five years. I was sure that the house has new owners. And then I heard that he had not sold. "The house stands in the hills above Vevey, and the terrace on which we speak, is seen at the bottom of Lake Geneva and the French coast in the distance. Wonderful view, wonderful house that five years could not sell. Because he was sold to a dairy farm, literally standing side by side, thirty six meters from door to door. Swiss farm, like a Swiss farmer is protected by Swiss law. Whether you're the owner three times, you can not close the farm and beat on her site golf course, because it is agricultural land, and never, ever, ever, it will not be another.