Thursday, July 21, 2016


Miuccia Prada is one of the few brazen thought leaders who have embraced ‘change’ as a component of their DNA. With every season her collections and brand imagery isn’t rooted as an evolution of previous work, but is quite frankly a ‘leap.’ So it should come as no surprise that for her fall 2016 ad campaign, agency DJA has art directed a bevy of models to leap off the page.
The campaign is a rare combination for the house as by enlarging the scale of the subjects against otherworldly landscapes it puts the product as the hero. The models are treated as models strutting their runway best while flowing toward the lens of Steven Meisel. What agency DJA was done so well is the art direction of contrasting the scale of the subjects against the backdrop which causes the images to jump out at you.
While the firms press release may wax poetic about how “The designer depicts a woman’s identity as conundrum, an intersection of overlapping and interdependent systems. Every woman carries on her body fragments of her own history, her experiences, her loves, her tragedies. These various references accrue with time, with age, with knowledge, so that each woman is an ineffable agglomeration of the symbols and indices of her personal journey,”  The Impression simply loves the campaign because in a world of sensory overload, it simple stands out. And that is after all what an ad campaign should do.