Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chiharu Shiota weaves an immersive labyrinth of keys and yarn all... photography by sunhi mang / courtesy of chiharu shiota

as visitors to the 2015 venice art biennale enter the japan pavilion, a red immersive expanse infills the building’s ceiling and walls, intertwining entrants within a maze of vibrantly colored yarn. ‘the key in hand’ by japanese artistchiharu shiota comprises more than 50,000 keys hanging from a cloud of tightly interwoven string.

the web of threads turns the roof into a complex and elaborate labyrinth of materials, forming an undulating path for which viewers to traverse beneath. two rustic boats at the center of the space part the veil of keys, catching the net of interlaced metal and material as it passes over and permeates the entirety of the site.