Friday, January 23, 2015

Change LOOK... Temples in which hair cut or touched up the beard is a statement of interiors. We selected seven slots devoted to the beauty where the decor is all a bonus.

That is why the style cool vintage begins to reign in more and more barber-from Los Angeles to Japan attracting a clientele seeking beauty in a shaving old school and a refined appearance that does not conflict with modernity. But the inventiveness does not end there, and now a haircut can become an excuse for tea -within the same hairdresser, to return to the pharmacies of the past, overtaking the most futuristic or to enjoy an experience where you do not know what it has been: if a haircut or an art show.
The hairdressers are not what they were ... and love it.
The advertising agency Kastner & Partners , known to boost the image of Red Bull , share their headquarters in Los Angeles, Budapest, Frankfurt or London with different businesses, from an old workshop to cars, in Madrid, a barbershop old school . "They did not want a trendy, pretended to be faithful to recreate the style of the 30s," says interior designer Guille Garcia-Hoz, architect of the project. "We seek original furniture and objects  vintage  to reconstruct the atmosphere, from original counters to wash units brass and porcelain Talavera or chairs sixties grid ". The result is Malayerba , a temple to the painstaking care of male facial hair, which even has recovered ritual shave with hot towels. Here, the music, of course jazz, or uniforms, with much aptly take us to another time. Do not miss their own cosmetic line.  Madrid. Plaza Dos de Mayo, 3. Tel .: 91 216 39 00
Space Isaac Salido
not use a cafe, not a conventional hairdresser.  Isaac Salido , former creative director of Aveda in Madrid and recognized Barber stars like Julia Roberts, has created her own salon in the capital. A successful mix of pieces  vintage  that transport you to London or Lisbon (cities where the stylist has worked) where you can also enjoy good music accompanied a wine, a coke or a pastissets of his native Menorca. Do not hesitate to cut your hair or something to eat, but only time hairdresser.  Madrid. Villalar, 11. Tel .: 91 576 21 75

Álvaro The Barber 
"Best Barber of Spain" and  DIS-DIriondoStudio have created a male hairdresser that seeks to maintain the tradition of the last century giving, while a jump to contemporary pieces using in Logroño, vintage and  a "purified." industrial aestheticIt seeks to maximize functionality in an open space, which does not need a flashy decor, focusing on the utility of timeless pieces with black as a thread. To increase the feeling of freedom space to the inner courtyard opened, keeping intact the wall that delimits, contrasting with the ceramic decadence. Street Gonzalo de Berceo, 46, Logroño, La Rioja.
Baxter Finley Barber & Shop
Baxter Finley moved from the busy city of New York to sunny and relaxed city of Los Angeles in full early 60 already installed, he realized the need for a male line dedicated to skin care and created the brand  Baxter of California and discarding the idea that the creams are just for women. His legacy has endured and shop around for theLalaland  may end with a visit in West Hollywood to  Baxter Finley Barber & Shop , a barbershop where masculinity prevails in wood and Persian rugs that dominate the floor, on the walls exposed brick and metal chairs covered with leather in a perfect shave is achieved through skilled hands-and style-. Smaller worship upon haircut and enjoy visiting sitting in a chair vintage car shaped and polished bright green color.Wear beards never was so attractive. Los Angeles: 515 North La Cienega Boulevard and available in Spain through Laconicum .
Malin + GoetzMatthew Malin and Andrew Goetz modernized the concept of ancient apothecaries in finding solutions for all types of skin problems in 2004 in Chelsea, New York. Their products are made ​​from natural ingredients which are never tested on animals-be and hide behind a packaging , pharmaceutical nearly neutral. Its first location has grown in size and supply, which is now a perfume is added in a space that combines a pristine all white with colored blocks derivatives display their products and brick walls that keep the authentic and genuine New York feeling . Since then, they have managed to expand the Upper East and West Side and the city of Los Angeles. He still misses Bob and Junior, the two bulldogs that decorated the window and no one could resist.New York: Chelsea 177 Seventh Avenue and available in Spain through Laconicum .
ArkheLocated in Chiba, Japan, the beauty center designed by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects uses water as a source of creation and the raw aluminum to give a sense of fluidity that recalls the movement of the waves. In the curves of recyclable aluminum that rests below the ceiling of the room, you can see the silvery reflections of light where the movement is present playing with the heights of the different spaces. To increase its sustainability, the architects designed all parts of the roof so that they could be removed when changing the beauty center to another location; also reducing costs to their owners. Arkhe, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture (Japan).
Noguera Hair Salon & ArtBarcelona is the location where Perruquers Noguera has a space dedicated to the two passions of its owner. hairdressing and art gallery CM2 Disseny was responsible for the design and installation in which focused on an austere decor like that of a gallery of art accompanied by monochromatic colors for sobriety and austerity in an industrial environment. The bright restaurant has two floors where the customer feels part of a work of art to be reflected in the toilets framed and in which the furniture is supported by the industrial design classic Eames chairs, tables Aram , lamps mod and custom designs by CM2 Design. Pc. Doctor Letamendi, 29.