Sunday, May 11, 2014

Charles James ( 1906 – 1978 ), British born designer, is known as “America’s First Couturier”. The Met is dedicating an exhibition to his great talent and fashion sense – Charles James : Beyond Fashion – open to public the 8 of May. Splendid vintage gowns of the designer will be on display, tribute to his highly structured aesthetic and the mastery of cutting. The visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of elegant dresses of an exquisite execution and a complex fashion design. Unfortunately, back in time, Charles James died in complete solitude and penniless due to business fall outs. Don’t miss it, it’s a parade of flawless vintage couture! “Fashion specialists and fashion students never forgot James, but for the general public he is not known. There is no brand, no global presence, so what we can do is reintroduce people and look brilliant doing it because he was so brilliant,” Mr Koda said.