Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Castle with a modern twist .. After years of hard work, travel and travel Klais Tina and Mark Verstraeten decided that earned the right to rest in a pleasant place. In one of the trips to the Languedoc-Roussillon their bright red "Mercedes" 190SL 1956 stopped in front of an old farm-fortress. At the top of a gently sloping hill stood Solid stone house, on the slopes ran smoothly combed vineyards, the valley covered with fragrant fields of flowers and herbs. The clouds parted briefly and flashed a bright shaft of light, like a spotlight, the top of the hill. "We decided that the sign - says Tina. - In general, the place seemed to us a paradise on earth, about the best we could never dream of. "At Chateau Castine was not only a picturesque location and a hundred acres of fields and vineyards, but also a beautiful story to boot. The first stone was laid in the XII century the Cathars, opponents of the Roman Catholic church and then went to lock the Templars, and then he came into the possession of Malta.