Friday, February 15, 2013

Obeying a thunderbolt, interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch bought a castle XVII, almost a ruin in the south of France. Three years of work later, its high walls became his refuge and intimate light. Some things never change in the idea that there is a castle towers, high walls, isolation (it is preferably located in the heart of a deep forest), the imposing entrance, the staircase, the view (as the entire castle for that matter) ... Pierre Yovanovitch had yet none of these criteria in mind when he found his. Or rather, as he says, when "the castle came to [him." With a real estate agent, he like a dream, a sunny morning in March 2009, a few kilometers drive through forest before discovering the ultra-romantic vision of a building and its four towers seventeenth planted on terraced, along a forest began to invade.