Thursday, February 5, 2015

The dream SHELTER... Make no mistake: this is not a mobile home, not even a house. This refuge steel is a modern and spacious functional object, designed by Vipp Nordic. Nature and design can go hand in hand. .PHOTOS DR

The perfect retreat should be in a remote location, surrounded by nature (if possible, impressive). There, in the middle of the road, surrounded by trees, mountains, and even a lake if we want is our dream retreat. It's there, but nothing disturbs our view of the landscape. Part of it, almost like a stone. Open your eyes and this dream is real: it is called Vipp Shelter , and is the work of Nordic firm Vipp . The house interiors specialist kitchens and bathrooms, has gone a step further, devising this refuge is not a mobile home (although you install it wherever) but a round product, all a design object in itself. Because all (yes, all) what you see is inside included. Even toothbrushes.