Monday, November 3, 2014

Livadia Palace in the Crimea..The idea from the outset seemed strange - to get to the Russian Tsar, a St. Petersburg resident, a dacha in the Crimea. Russian life has never been so stable that the country's main man could so easily fall out of it and arrange a vacation. Russian tsars quite reasonably preferred even in summer is not removed from the capital on suburban residences.But just explain this oddity: Alexander II, who bought Livadia in 1860 for his wife, the wife did not like. After a couple years of his life will be the maid of honor Dolgorukov - Future morganatic wife, but also to meet with her emperor in anything does not deny. The Empress was reputed lady painful, irritable, boring - it just had to improve my health at the dacha in the Crimea, in a wonderful, totally Italian climate. Where required initially to go by train to Sevastopol, and then sail on a yacht. Go there for a short time just did not make sense.