Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The watch is called ‘Al Noor’ and it is an amazing and historical creation, made mainly for the Muslim collectors, as well as the people, who really appreciate the Islamic culture and Swiss watchmaking. The idea to create a watch, based on the Holy Book of Quran, came to Rafel (owner of Raff House) around 3 years ago, being the first in the upcoming series of historically important watches. As he has already collaborated with Mr. Lederer before (on the Gagarin Tourbillon) and the watchmaker was very interested in the concept as well this partnership was established.So let’s take a first look at the ‘Al Noor’ itself! The name of the watch translates from Arabic to ‘Light’ which has both, symbolic meaning (taken from one of the Quran suras) and a nice sound to it. You can see straight away that the piece is made for the Muslim collectors as it has the Arabic engravings on the dial. They represent the lines from the fist Sura (chapter) of Quran – Al-Fatiha, which is said to be the sura that is recited in every prayer.