Monday, November 4, 2013

What you see in these and the following pages is not an address, but what Tunga , one of the most important artists of the country, named as Pensatorium. "I also call psychoactive space: a place of experience, reflection, and activation poetic production," he explains, his owner for 30 years. Sit there the smell of a "local" who is also an architect (formed in the first class of the Universidade Santa Ursula), but resorted to friend Marta Alencar's time to sign the bill, still kept with the original distribution, as already provided large integrated environments today, "a genre workshop". With 300 m², construction divides the terrain of 1,500 m² in full rainforest to the house where he lives and the Tunga laboratorium where his plays are performed. From there, he appreciates the green canopy of trees and live with their animals "domestic": toucans, monkeys, raccoons, a couple of turtles (Adam and Eve) who lives in this paradise loose and many insects, some inserted in his works, "besides the damn possums". The resident scores: "I do not have animals, they have me."