Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When the decorator is also the designer...

When the decorator is also the designer.
Classicism and modernity go hand in hand in the interior designs of the Spaniard Luis Puerta. Proof of this is the residence, recently renovated by him, on the outskirts of Madrid. The excellence of the work lies precisely in the overlapping of styles, making furniture lines Conservative gain value by the presence of objects and finishes that follow a more functional design.

The element that ties the project is the staircase, completely redone during the project. With sculptural character, it allowed the opening of spaces, either on the ground floor and upstairs, offering new visual connections between the two floors. The coatings follow the same logic of purity and functionality. In the room, dominated by stone, in the kitchen, ceramic, and bedrooms, wood.

Superimposed on this scenario, the furniture is who brings character and personality to the whole. In the lobby, for instance, the desk Louis XVI live with a 17th century clock. This personality is spread by other environments, dotted here and there by contemporary pieces, like Bertoia chairs from the kitchen, and many of them drawn by the Luis Puerta.