Friday, June 22, 2012

Light, integration and art in the mansion ...

Three assumptions defined by the owners determined the design of interiors designed by architect Pedro Pita Riveiro to this mansion located in Cadiz, on the coast of the Spanish region of Andalusia: integration between environments, maximum use of natural lighting, and appreciation of fine arts in the decoration.

With modern lines and symmetrical structure, the house occupies a plot surrounded by mangroves, near the beach. Distributed in two floors, the house takes advantage of this privileged status, opening up here and there to the surroundings through large windows and glass doors.
Thanks to the absence of formal divisions between the social area, the light spreads throughout the space. Courtyards provide even the sunlight highlighted in loais distant perimeter of the house, especially in private sectors and services.

Thus, nature is imposed on the project, either through the views, either by abundant clarity. And the decor takes advantage of this, with clear finishes serving as a backdrop for delicate furnishings and functional. The pieces were chosen according to the works of art, and not vice versa, as is customary.

Screens exploit large warm colors and geometric shapes, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere not only clean but also with the landscape. The dialogue between art and the human force of nature culminate in a warm décor, ideal for a contemporary beach house.