Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colored Bottles..

"I have two Japanese dazwischengeschummelt" laughs Anthony Collett and has two bright turquoise bottle vases. The gilded walls of his dining room are covered with numerous small consoles, presented to those who came from Zambia Decorator his treasures. Ming Sung or not, no chinoiserie from Meissen or Sèvres - all real Burmantofts, Art Nouveau pottery from central England, in 1900. A celebration in clear shapes and brilliant colors, from bright yellow to oxblood on a beautifully nuanced jade green. On the wall opposite to flaunt pieces with luster luster of Ruskin Pottery. "I've Infected with Gilbert & George," he says. "The two have one of the most important Arts and Crafts collections in the world." Back in the eighties, Collett had bought for himself and his young family a Victorian terraced house southwest of Notting Hill. The five-member family eventually took possession of all three floors, with the narrow stairs to the kitchen in the basement had to be installed first. Nicolaas Maritz, an artist friend from Johannesburg days painted from the entire staircase with animal pictures. The neo-Gothic fittings of the kitchen are Salvages a vestry. As a decorator, Collett tells us that he long ago had almost fear colors. "I studied at the Royal College of Art Design and Architecture. Many architects tend to think only in black and white. "The glazes of Asian ceramics pseudo helped him to develop a relaxed relationship to color. Comprehensive variegation, he found many things to say welcome. "We used to have large white poodle that fitted into the grand picture. Even a bicycle in the living room would look good. "The gold leaf on the walls, however, reveals once again the African roots:" For someone who grew up in Zambia, it looks like bright ocher. And in such an overflowing room full here as it forms a splendid backdrop. "